1. Life

    Born in Potenza, (Pz) Italy

  2. School

    First day at elementary school "Palazzo Auletta"

  3. Life

    We moved to our house in Rossellino, Pz

  4. School

    First day at scuola media "Luigi La Vista"

  5. School

    First day at scuola superiore "L.G. Marconi"

  6. Life

    My first Pink Floyd concert in Rome

  7. Life

    Moved to Mercato San Severino, SA, started university

  8. Life

    Moved to Hove, UK

  9. Life

    Meet Oihana at the RedRoaster

  10. Work

    Started a career as a professional Coffee Roaster

  11. Life

    Moved to San Sebastian, Spain

  12. Work

    Started a career as SEO & SEM organizer with a Rental Agency

  13. Life


  14. Work

    Got fired bc COVID

  15. Life

    Starting making plans for my next career

  16. Study

    Back with the books and HTML

  17. Study

    Got my first course complete (HTML & CSS)